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Rail Budget: Not a single thing for Udaipur (Mewar)

Rail Budget: Not a single thing for Udaipur (Mewar)

Udaipur Railway Station

Udaipur City

Nobody mention of Udaipur-Ahmadabad gauge conversion

Rail Ministry, which had been a highly politicized department of the Central Government for past couple of decades, presented its Indian rail budget today. It was bound to be a complex situation for the Rail Minister Sadananda gowda not only because this particular department had always been with collaborative parties and condition of Indian Railways is very poor.

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Painless Vaccine is Banned

hello everyone,

Yesterday we  went to vaccinate our little angel against DTaP, HiB & Polio.This was her first dose of it. i was relaxed of the pain and fever she may have to suffer because of painless vaccines (PENTAXIM,invented in 1997)  available in market.

As and when we demanded for vaccinating the baby painlessly,our paediatric informed that it has been banned.Alas ! !! is what we felt at that moment but then our peadic convinced that painless vaccines were giving lesser results than the vaccines with pains and its always better to stay safe for life than handling a little pain for that particular time.

let’s get down for the details:-
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How to be a happy man

Today, while coming for office I took a train, I was very happy because i got the window seat. 🙂
but some how since morning continuously i was searching answers of following questions
1. Why i am unhappy from last couple of days?
2. Why i negative thoughts are coming into my mind?
3. How to become a Happy man?
4. How to avoid these negative thought?
5. How to switch my mind in some other direction so these things will not irritate me.

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