Yupy!!, my first blogpost!

Yupy!!, my first blogpost! I know it’s nothing special about it, but I’m very excited and very glad I finally find the time to set up and start working on my personal blog!

Since long I was thinking to start my own blog even locally I had installed wordpress but never went live 🙂 because actually I was not clear what should I write, should I write down technical stuff like (PHP, Java) or something else. Before writing anything, I was thinking about how would I categories my articles.

Finally I thought leave everything aside, lets begin and create our own web space where I can share my experience, ideas, discussion about the problems. It will enrich my experience in terms of writing ability, style and thinking.

So here I am, Wow!! its great…. feeling better that my first website is live on production.

3 comments on “Yupy!!, my first blogpost!

  1. nice one ….gud
    jaldi se acche acche blog likho bsss……

  2. wow,first step is the hardest anyway..
    keep writing!
    all the best!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very informative blog.

    I would like to thank you for the information.

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