Painless Vaccine is Banned

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Yesterday we  went to vaccinate our little angel against DTaP, HiB & Polio.This was her first dose of it. i was relaxed of the pain and fever she may have to suffer because of painless vaccines (PENTAXIM,invented in 1997)  available in market.

As and when we demanded for vaccinating the baby painlessly,our paediatric informed that it has been banned.Alas ! !! is what we felt at that moment but then our peadic convinced that painless vaccines were giving lesser results than the vaccines with pains and its always better to stay safe for life than handling a little pain for that particular time.

let’s get down for the details:-

PENTAXIM vaccine(Painless) has been banned by the Indian Government!

My baby’s pediatrician suggested for QUADRAVAC(with little pain and fever), QUADRAVAC vaccine has the ability to protect baby from the above listed four diseases except polio .a vaccine for polio named as POLIOVAC (Inactivated Polio Vaccine, in the form of injection) is required to be given separately.
So, here two injections are required instead of 1 Pentaxim injection.

Pentaxim is a combination vaccine against 5 different types of infections
5. HiB – Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (capable of causing – Meningitis (Brain Fever), Septicaemia (Bacteria in the bloodstream), Cellulitis (Skin infection), Arthritis, Epiglottitis, Pneumopathy (Any lung disease) & Osteomyelitis (Infection of the bone)).



1) No pain     2) No swelling     3) No fever


1) Costlier than Quadravac      2) Lesser prevention against diseases even after vaccinating.



1) Cheaper than pentaxim     2) Higher prevention from diseases after vaccinating.


1) Quite painful     2) High chances of swelling around the area of injection for up to 10 hrs. post vaccination.     3) Baby may get fever.

Suggestions after vaccinating-

Follow the easy guidelines given by doctor  that includes  giving her paracetamol after every 8 hours to protect her from fever,put some ice around the injected area once or twice on the same day to protect swelling and redness.

Two simple steps if followed religiously,i am sure your little one will be perfectly fine and will be happily ready for her next dose, like ours. 🙂

Any-time and any-day ,preventing baby for life time is far more important than just preventing her for a day.




11 comments on “Painless Vaccine is Banned

  1. why are you fooling the parents? dear all its not banned but its in shortage.. IAP (indian association of pediatric ) or WHO will not allow a banned vaccines to enter in market.. its just a crap compititor strategy to take share from pentaxim as its best vaccine ever.. dont get fooled by this and visit IAP site or WHO not this fake one.

    • This doctor either doesnt have access to the painless or dont get parents who can afford to pay for the painless one , so doesnot keep stock of the painless option… I would suggest you to change the doctor for the betterment of your child….

    • I am not fooling my friend, it is has some issued and their production has been stopped. Even issued was so many cases are open.

  2. Even I had major problem with my 20 month old child given pentaxim painless vaccine. My child was given pentaxim painless vaccine at 20 months. It was little late as my doctor said it was not available. After nearly 10 hours of vaccination, he got a seizure for around 10 minutes. Body was stiff, unconscious and eyes all white open. We were frightened and took him to hospital. Then again after 6 hours, he got another fit in which his whole face was blue, eyes wide open and body stiff n throwing back. It lasted for less than a minute. During this, fever noted went from 98 to 102 in no time.
    Then again after 4 hours same thing happened. Now it was intervened by giving medicine.
    I would suggest not to opt for this painless pentaxim vaccine at all.

    • Could be correct. Its not available anywhere in India at present. I took my daughter for third shot to three different hospitals. Finally the doc informed that pentaxim is being investigated so the production was stopped 6 months ago. He did mention that pentaxim is less effective than the painful ones.

      • Wat u did further??
        My daughter is also due fr the 3rd dose….n it’s not available

  3. you have out and out copied my article and posted as yours! if you are not taking this down, i shall report your blog for plagiarism…

  4. It’s not true . Pentaxim is always best . Due to some national immunisation program pentaxim got supplied to many European countries . The pertussis component which is presented in pentaxim is acellular it’s as best as whole cell . And it’s the best European acel pertussis .based on the studies it’s surely gives 90 – 95 % protection against pertussis where as whole cell cheaper vaccine gives 55- 90 % protection with more pain many local reaction.

  5. I hv given two doses of pentaxim to my baby n now it’s unavailable…wat to do???? Can anyone suggest…..m so depressed

    • I have given normal vaccine to her

  6. Thank you for the article.

    Great blog that I enjoyed reading.

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